New Enhancements Available January 2021

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New Features:

Cost Controls with Approval Processes

  • Allows users to get the approvals they need for hiring employees, adjusting compensation, expenses, and other purchasing decisions.
  • Includes automated notifications and simplified reporting features.

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Audit Trail and Reporting

  • Changes to PlaceCPM data are now tracked for easy auditing.
  • Easily view changes made to data from within PlaceCPM records or using pre-built reports.

Project Rate Cards

  • Easily build out project costs for your customers.
  • Structure projects with prepayments and deposits.

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Enhanced SaaS Dashboards

  • New dashboard components including Rule of 40, Churn, LTV, and Magic Number.
  • New components offered in addition to current offering including Cash Burn, Bookings, Quota Performance, MRR, ARR, Renewal, CAC, Payback, Growth Rate, License GP%, Average MRR, and Average Sales Price.

Month End Workflow

  • New workflow features allow accounting teams to reconcile forecasts vs. actuals.
  • Variance report with included workflow to update forecasts for accuracy.
  • New cash forecasting workflow that simplified managing cash that did or didn't come in during the month.

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"As a CEO, I love it – I can model my revenue and costs and steer my business."

Brandon Ward, Founder and CEO – Palladin Technologies