Subscription Management + Billing Automation in one Place

We empower SaaS leaders to align their operations with financial data to better navigate growth.

SaaS Metrics and Reporting

Better Data — More Clarity

You know what metrics are important, but it takes days to gather and process the data needed for your reports. Place is the solution.

Seamlessly bring data from across the company together to accurately track SaaS metrics in real time and easily customize dashboards. Get clarity into what actually matters to your organization.

Business Forecasting & Prediction

Effectively Manage and Allocate Cash Resources

Create robust financial forecasts with forward looking data from the Salesforce pipeline, current data from the general ledger, along with quota and historical performance data to look further ahead. Produce accurate cash flow predictions, and allocate cash where it’s needed to avoid crippling cash shortages and maximize ROI with every decision.

“Place helps Qstream drive effective, data-backed decision-making and the growth that comes with it.”
David Kelly | Chief Financial Officer | Qstream

Agile Planning and Scenario Analysis

Compare Scenarios and Make More Dynamic Decisions

Understand how major decisions impact short term finances and long term growth. Build rolling forecasts to see how scenarios like hiring or opening a remote office affects human capital, sales, costs, and future profit. Get snapshots of every possible future, and choose the best one to grow your company.

Place was named an Outstanding Vendor by BPM Partners, a leading advisory firm in the business performance management space.

Revenue & Billing

Go Beyond Order to Cash

Automate the entire cascade from sales forecast to order to cash. Recognize revenue accurately and effortlessly to maintain compliance, align your teams for better decisions, and save time.

Subscription Management

Manage new sales, renewals, add-on sales, co-terminus contracts, and churn directly on the Salesforce platform.

Automate Billing and Collections

Automate the creation of invoices and process for collecting payments. Reduce the time between order and payment, while increasing accuracy.

Accurate Revenue Recognition

Reduce the time you spend making revenue recognition calculations for ASC 606 compliance.

Pipeline and Quota Visibility

Forecast near-term and long-term pipeline based on the deals you’ve won, the deals in your Salesforce pipeline, and sales quota capacity.

Get the Financial Clarity You Need to Grow

Take the first step towards financial clarity with more powerful forecasting and scenario analysis.

Make Live Financial Data a Part of Every Meeting

Align on the same set of facts with live data. Run seamless meetings without awkward pauses to update projections, change assumptions, or account for the latest whale that closed in sales reports.

Join the Place customers reporting a 78% improvement in meeting efficiency.

All Your Data in One Place

Built on Salesforce, Place combines sales and revenue insights with finance data from leading accounting systems to give everyone the context and flexibility to make the right decisions faster.