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By Brandon Metcalf   /   08/14/2019

In the business world, relationships are everything. That’s why, even though I’ve moved around a lot during my career, I stayed at each company for at least a couple of years—it takes at least that long to really connect with people. 

By Luke Zimbelman   /   01/02/2019

The reality is, a lot of the business software out there isn’t great. (Especially for the staffing and recruitment...

By Brandon Metcalf   /   03/07/2019

One thing I’ve learned over the past decade is that there’s no such thing as work-life balance—especially if you’re...

By Brandon Metcalf   /   12/19/2018

Most businesses mistake software for a “tool.” A tool has a particular function but no perspective. A hammer, for example, is agnostic. It isn’t made with an opinion about when, how, and why a carpenter should hammer things. The tool adapts to the user.