Business is changing. Daily.

The companies embracing that change are finding a galvanizing moment that stands to propel them to the forefront of the "new normal".

Join us as Place's Marketing Manager, Luke Zimbelman sits down for a chat with Angela Hood, the CEO, and founder of ThisWay Global to see how she is leaning into and learning from the current environment of constant change.

Conversation Notes & Links

  • (1:15)ThisWay Global accelerates hiring workflows by automating much of the process while simultaneously removing bias – for both the company and the candidate.
  • (4:10) – Angela is responding to COVID-19 by leading in empathy.
  • (4:48) WorkThisWay – a product born from a pivot.
  • (5:30) – The importance of backing up your mission statement with action, especially in times of stress.
  • (7:25) – Making sure your marketing message isn't tone-deaf to current realities, recognizing it will cost you a lot of time to re-work your pre-existing strategies. (e.g. ThisWay Global's Salesforce app)
  • (8:51) – What happens to the budget and forecast when our clients have to adjust their payment schedule? Angela describes how PlaceCPM has saved a ton of time and stress while reducing the risk of inaccuracies.
  • (9:50) – How PlaceCPM helps even non-finance CEO expertly manage budgets and forecasts.
  • (10:45) – When the COVID disruptions hit in March, Angela used PlaceCPM to restructure ThisWay Global's financial plans in a day versus the 2 weeks it would have taken in spreadsheets alone.
  • (11:35) – The emotional toll finance issues take on a CEO
  • (11:50) – Closing thoughts on what leading in empathy looks like.
  • (14:07) – You can reach Angela, ThisWay Global, and WorkThisWay at
  • (14:55) – You can learn more about Place Technology and our financial forecasting software, PlaceCPM at where we are offering an extended 30-day free trial to any business impacted by COVID-19.
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