Lately, it seems the entire world is drowning in a sea of content. And that’s no different in the universe of business-to-business SaaS. Since there’s such an endless stream of every type of digital content nowadays – some amazing, some not so much – we wanted to help our readers rise above the noise by sharing a few of the SaaS-related podcasts produced by top creators who we respect and admire. 

Check out the list we put together below (after a heated team-wide debate) to see which shows we chose to include. Along with some commentary, we’re also including suggestions for episodes to begin with when you queue up each show. You’ll notice we’ve even thrown-in a shameless plug for our own podcast at the end because, well…of course, we would!

Metrics That Measure Up 

Hosted by SaaS metrics benchmarking and KPI framework guru, Ray Rike, who’s also founder and CEO (chief evangelism officer) of RevOps Squared, this show features interviews covering B2B SaaS metrics, KPIs, and benchmarking from every angle, with guests who include SaaS founders, operators, and VC partners. 

Metrics That Measure Up includes several different categories, like B2B sales and marketing, founder spotlights, and revenue operations, making it a great resource for a wide range of listeners across all facets of SaaS businesses. 

Listen here: Metrics That Measure Up

Our favorite episode: B2B SaaS Cash Management and Metrics - with Brandon Metcalf

Revenue Innovators 

Hosted by Mary Shea, VP Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach, Revenue Innovators features interviews with founders, CEOs, sales, and strategy leaders at growing tech companies. Topics Mary and her guests cover include business transformation, innovation on business models, revenue operations, and strategy.

If you’re a RevOps professional looking to learn more or get inspired about the potential and future of the industry, we highly recommend checking this one out! 

Listen here: Revenue Innovators

Our favorite episode: Speaking the Right Language to Potential Buyers 

The Sales Hacker Podcast 

Hosted by Sam Jacobs, founder & CEO of Pavilion, The Sales Hacker Podcast focuses on the complex world of modern-day selling and sales operations. On the show, Sam features interviews with top sales and revenue operations leaders from SaaS businesses around the world. They cover topics like sales processes and technology, leadership and management practices, improving account management outcomes, and lots more.

Sales teams are undoubtedly one of the most significant parts of SaaS growth, and the company sponsoring Sam’s podcast, Sales Hacker, has grown to become a leading community in the SaaS world, with their podcast shining through as a beacon of their efforts. 

Listen here: The Sales Hacker Podcast

Our favorite episode: Turn Your Marketing Department Into a Revenue Generator with Kathleen Booth

SaaS Backwards 

Moderated by Ken Lempit, Austin Lawrence Group's president and chief business builder, SaaS Backwards features CEOs and CMOs from fast-growing SaaS companies who reveal what they have been doing that's working within their businesses, and lessons learned from the things they tried that didn't work out as they planned. 

This podcast gives listeners access to deep conversations that center on topics that are pragmatic, and also ones that are strategic. It’s a solid listen for anyone leading a SaaS business today.

Listen here: SaaS Backwards

Our favorite episode: Brandon Metcalf is the poster child for modern SaaS inbound

The Cash & Burn Podcast 

Hosted by Place’s fearless founder & CEO, Brandon Metcalf, Cash & Burn is a weekly show featuring conversations with the world's most interesting SaaS CEOs, founders, and rising leaders. Cash & Burn guests include SasS operators who dive deep with Brandon into stories and commentary about their greatest successes, their most painful failures, and the wildest challenges they’ve overcome in business that have brought them where they are today. 

Whatever role you might play in a SaaS business, be it operator, investor, or fly-on-the-wall, listening to this show is sure to give you insight into what it takes to run a successful SaaS company, strategies to thrive in the midst of chaos, and ways to effectively lead teams to victory.

Listen here: The Cash & Burn Podcast

Our favorite episode: From Four Times Fired to CEO w/ Sam Jacobs

We hope this helps you navigate your way through hours of knowledge and entertainment from some of those selected shows! 

Check back with us next week for more insights and commentary on the world of B2B SaaS. To get a monthly recap of all the great B2B SaaS-related content we release, sign up for our newsletter below this article. And if you want to learn more about Place for your own SaaS company, you can get in touch with our customer team here.

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