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Cash Flow & Forecasting Advice for Startups – with Stacklist

Cash Flow & Forecasting Advice for Startups – with Stacklist

By Luke Zimbelman August 25, 2020 at 1:23 pm

Many early-stage founders while focusing on building their products and getting users may be overlooking some of the more basic, but core parts of their business around their cash and financials.

This, of course, is not wise as you should always be keeping track of your cash and start good financial habits in the beginning. A common answer is to either do it yourself (which could be hard if you don’t have a financial background) or hire a consultant.

Whether you do one or the other, you will find that you’ll have much more clarity over the health of your company, and you’ll also understand how to forecast and project where you could be in the next few months.

We’re excited to dive into ways entrepreneurs should be looking at their cash flow, and how to create meaningful projections and forecasts with Brandon Metcalf, Founder & CEO of Place Technology.

Join us as we discuss: Best practices for reporting and tracking revenues and costs Different ways to forecast How different models and forecasts could help you grow your business Good financial practices

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