360° Business planning and accelerated FP&A workflows in the Fall Release

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Improve Accuracy 10x

Salesforce Opportunity Revenue Forecasting
  • Live opportunity pipeline data fuels incredibly accurate short-term forecasts
  • Closed won opportunities now automatically complete the booking process
  • Eliminate wasted time and inaccuracies resulting from transferring data between the silos of opportunity pipelines, accounting systems, and spreadsheets
  • Drastically increase the value of accurate opportunity pipeline data

Increase efficiency 10x

Simplified Multiple Entity Consolidations
  • Instantly view consolidated actual and forecast data across multiple entities
  • Automatically simplify eliminations between your entities
  • Quickly and clearly report on individual entities and the business as a whole

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Eliminate International Headaches

Robust Multi-Currency Support
  • Exchange rates are automatically updated and recorded in PlaceCPM
  • View actuals and forecasts across entities in 100+ currencies
  • See your entire P&L in your corporate currency

"As a CEO, I love it – I can model my revenue and costs and steer my business."

Brandon Ward, Founder and CEO – Palladin Technologies