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"The Little Black Book of SaaS"

Whether you're exploring a new career in software-as-a-service, or you have years under your belt working in the industry, you can use this book as a primer and ongoing resource to avoid feeling left-behind in a conversation about the state of any SaaS business.

The Little Black Book of SaaS
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SaaS isn't rocket science.

But sometimes the words investors use make it sound like it is. "What's your ratio of LTV to CAC?" might at first sound like an insult, but anyone running a SaaS company needs to know how much it costs them to acquire a new customer, and how valuable that customer is to them over time. And that's just one of many examples where this handy resource can help you go from jargon to genuine understanding!

"I was a high school art teacher and tennis coach before my recent move into software and this book helped me understand what our CEO said when she gave us a target for Net Dollar Retention. - Clayton B., Account Development Representative

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