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Measure what matters at a moment's notice

When the Board calls, do you know your numbers? Place Metrics & Analytics helps you organize, track, and share the SaaS financial metrics that matter in real-time.

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See how Place can help your SaaS company navigate growth.

Analytics for fast-growing B2B SaaS companies

Place's pre-built analytics include reports, metrics, and dashboards, letting you focus more on the numbers that matter most.

Whether you’re reporting internally, or sharing metrics and projections with your Board and future investors, use Place to give the right people access to the insights they need.

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Customizable Metric Calculations

Place’s out-of-the-box capabilities are just the beginning. You’ll also unlock limitless ways to calculate and monitor the critical metrics that matter to your business. That includes revenue, customer growth rates, net dollar retention, customer acquisition cost, burn multiple, and nearly every other commonly-used SaaS business measurement.

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Live, Connected Data

Place shows you what’s going on in your business right now, meaning reports and dashboards update immediately with any changes. Because Place ties into your company’s planning hub, accounting system, and revenue engine, anything that happens is connected and will instantly update your metrics.

Company-wide revenue intelligence

Place brings together your accounting system, CRM, subscription and billing engine, and budgeting and forecasting tools.

Your past, present, and future data flow together seamlessly and automatically to create the most current reports, charts, and SaaS metrics that matter to your business.

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Native to the Salesforce Platform

Built natively on the Salesforce Platform, Place comes with all the benefits of Salesforce’s enterprise-level security and modern Lightning interface. No other system combines all this information directly within your revenue engine’s system of record.

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Data from Every Department

While everything in your business is connected, the data rarely is. Place connects your entire business on a platform specifically designed to provide real-time analytical data and insights and the ability to share with others.

Business colleagues watching statistics

Board and investor reporting without the headaches

Imagine the end of sparring with spreadsheets to get the latest numbers.

Spend less time in meetings arguing over the numbers and more time analyzing what happened and planning for the future.

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Investor-Ready Dashboards

Your investors don’t just want to see what you’ve done. They also want to understand more about your company’s potential to perform in a variety of possible economic scenarios. Prepare for the next investment round and beyond with pre-built reports and dashboards that help you tell your best growth story.

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Instant Due Diligence

Due diligence processes can take ages, but quickly finding and sharing the right data with potential investors and auditors is crucial to successfully fundraising in today’s world. With Place, you can be certain that the data you’re exchanging is not only accurate, but also up-to-date.

Available everywhere in real time

Most metrics and analytics apps only give you a momentary snapshot. Changes to underlying data or requests for alternative presentation formats might take your team days to update.

With Place, eliminate the manual work of copying and pasting, populating massively complex spreadsheets, managing hundreds of formulas, and building reports, charts, and dashboards.

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Metrics and Analytics on Any Device

Want to check-in on the latest numbers while waiting for a flight? Minutes before a call with a Board member? Now you can. Metrics & Analytics can be accessed via Salesforce Mobile, giving you the confidence of knowing you can check your metrics from anywhere and any device with an internet connection.

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All Your Financial Data, All in One Place

No more struggling to compile data from multiple sources. Harness the workflows that your teams are already using by installing Place directly into your Salesforce org. From there, you can link your accounting system and create an always-on connection between your Revenue and Finance teams’ workflows and data.

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Built on Salesforce, Place combines sales and revenue insights with finance data from leading accounting systems to give everyone the context and flexibility to make the right decisions faster.