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PlaceCPM Pricing

Priced and Paced
for Growing Businesses

Our flexible plans grow with you. We don't hide fees or setup costs. Pricing simply scales to match the size of your company and accounting structure. Use our custom calculator to view your cost, then contact sales to get started.

Implementation is a breeze. As the only CPM built on the Salesforce Platform, there's no lengthy implementation process. You'll be confidently forecasting within a few hours, instead of the months it takes to implement off-platform services.



1-15 Employees

Startups receive incredibly discounted access to a powerful toolset.


per Month

+ $35 USD
user / month

Billed Annually

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16-100 Employees

Growing companies experience increased value as accounting complexities multiply.


per Month

+ $28 USD
user / month

Billed Annually

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101-300 Employees

Established companies amplify adoption via per-user discounts. 


per Month

+ $21 USD
user / month

Billed Annually

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For Enterprise (301+ employees) and Non-profit pricing, please 
contact sales.

Calculate Your Price & Start Forecasting

As your company grows, so does the complexity of your accounting. Our transparent pricing meets those growth needs while delivering extraordinary value for your entire team.

Pricing is contingent on a 12-month minimum contract and is billed annually.

For Enterprise pricing and Non-Profit plans, please 

contact sales.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, as companies grow, it's not just the volume of transactions that scale in kind. The complexity of forecasting is affected by the number of bank accounts, entities, departments, roles, employees, quota structures, customer accounts, etc.

Now picture keeping track of all that in a spreadsheet – much less budgeting, modeling, and forecasting off that wealth of information. Yeah. We built PlaceCPM for you.