PlaceCPM+ is financial forecasting software packaged with Salesforce

Accurate forecasts must incorporate a complete view of your business. PlaceCPM+ unites accounting and Salesforce data to provide 360° visibility into the true state of your organization.

Only PlaceCPM+ gives you access to crucial forecasting tools AND access to key Salesforce features in one, easy to use package.

Already using Salesforce? PlaceCPM is the version for you.

Powerful Customer Relationship Tools Included

PlaceCPM+ includes Salesforce contact relationship management and reporting features.

Salesforce is the World's #1 CRM

More than 150,000 customers trust Salesforce to help drive results for sales, service, and marketing.

Built on the Best Foundation

Get access to Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Reports, Dashboards, Chatter and Mobile.

PlaceCPM+ Delivers Best-in-class Features

Punch above your weight class with an Enterprise feature set built and priced for growing businesses.


Accurate Cash Flow Projections

View the true state of your bank accounts, and accurately project future cash balances.

Dynamic P&L Management

Your yearly budget should be as alive and dynamic as the business itself – and now it is. Budget variance is easily visible, and drilling down to account details for greater insight is a snap.

Amplified Accounting

PlaceCPM works with your existing accounting system, syncing every transaction to provide exact cash balances and granular forecast control.


Visual Insights on Demand

Manage crucial KPIs with drag-and-drop reports and versatile dashboards.

In-depth Reporting

Build unique reports and dashboards that utilize the wealth of financial and operational data now at your fingertips.

Designated Access

Control who sees what, with built-in privacy controls.


Unified Customer Account Data

When customer account data is unified in one location, it provides complete visibility and empowers greater levels of sales and support.

PlaceCPM unifies accounting and financial data with sales, service, and operational data.

Empowered Alignment

Get everyone on the same page. Align business objectives with operational plans and processes.

360° Understanding and Collaboration

Finance decisions don’t have to be delivered from the top down. Gather key insights from team members and collaborate effortlessly.


Pre-Built Accounting integrations

Pre-built integrations with Xero and Quickbooks provide granular transaction-level details that are critical to producing accurate cash and financial forecasts.

Natively Built on the Salesforce Platform

Utilize existing Salesforce workflows, configuration, and data to maximize forecasting accuracy and insights.

"I'm able to produce budgets and forecasts in a fraction of the time"

Greg Symons, President – Blueprint Advisory

Start your Salesforce journey with PlaceCPM+

Pricing is license and volume based. The number of PlaceCPM licenses you need is dependent on the number of users who need access in your organization.

Company-wide adoption results in the most robust workflows and accurate forecasts.


1-year Minimum Contract
Billed Annually
1-10 Licenses
Up to 10 Licenses




1-year Minimum Contract
Billed Annually
11-50 Licenses
Price Per License




1-year Minimum Contract
Billed Annually
51-300 Licenses
Price per License



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