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RoyCon and PlaceCPM are better together.

Connecting finance to Salesforce, and Salesforce to your Business.

PlaceCPM connects finance to Salesforce.

PlaceCPM syncs Xero and Quickbooks Online data into Salesforce* to accelerate accounting workflows, produce accurate P&L and Cash forecasts, and more.

*PlaceCPM+ includes Salesforce!

Roycon connects Salesforce to your buisness.

RoyCon helps businesses improve their overall efficiencies via custom development for the world’s most advanced CRM (Salesforce) - ensuring value in both the near and long term.


Produce Accurate Cash Flow Projections


Dynamically Manage The Company P&L


Amplified Existing Accounting Workflows



See Visual Insights On-Demand


Access In-depth Reporting


Control Who Sees What


Experience the Power of Unified Customer Account Data
360° Understanding and Collaboration


Generate Empowered Alignment


Integrate with Xero & Quickbooks Online 

Work With a Seamless Salesforce-native Solution


"PlaceCPM is a lifesaver"

Angela Hood, CEO and Founder ThisWay Global

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