Using PlaceCPM: How We Make Better Business Decisions, Faster

Using PlaceCPM: How We Make Better Business Decisions, Faster

By Danielle South July 1, 2020 at 2:04 pm

Accurate forecasts drive business decisions.

The problem is, the time and effort required to produce and maintain accurate forecasts can be daunting at best.

We created PlaceCPM to drastically reduce the time and increase the accuracy of your financial forecasting and business planning.

This demo gives an overview of the robust financial information PlaceCPM puts at your fingertips, and how we use it to make business decisions daily.

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Conversation Notes:

(0:01) Begin Mobile Demo
(0:35) SaaS Dashboard
(1:03) Pre-built Accounting Integrations
(1:21) Exploring the Dashboard
(1:58) Sharing Dashboards
(2:09) Account Relationship Data
(2:35) Account Relationship Reports
(3:05) Sales and Support Benefits
(3:24) Begin Desktop Demo
(3:45) Saas Dashboard
(4:00) Subscribe to Dashboard Updates (sharing)
(4:19) Breaking Down Dashboard Insights (Active customers, Churn, ARR, MRR, CAC and more)
(4:48) Customizing the Dashboard for Your Business
(5:18) The Power of Integrating Accounting and Salesforce Data
(5:35) Does Your Accounting System Struggle With Reporting? (e.g. Xero & QuickBooks Online)
(5:50) Financial Information at Your Fingertips (without having to go to Excel or Accounting for an update)
(6:00) Forecasting Cash
(6:30) Multiple Accounts
(6:51) Actuals and Forecast
(7:12) Monthly Variance and GL Drill Down
(7:55) Net Cash Movement
(8:30) Export to CSV
(9:15) P&L Overview
(9:47) How The Team Uses PlaceCPM
(9:55) Account View – Finance and Reports
(10:39) Marketing Dashboard
(10:50) Marketing CAC, Budget, Advertising Forecast & Variance and more
(12:13) Both The Financial and Operational Data Every Department Manager Needs (e.g. Sales, Engineering, etc)
(12:40) Our Month-end Workflow
(13:05) Month-end Cash
(13:35) Splitting Transactions Across Months
(14:25) End of Month Variance: Insights and Updates
(16:04) Managing Employees
(16:19) Hiring Plan Overview – Commissions, Expenses and more