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The Financial Forecasting and Business Planning Solution built on the Salesforce Platform

The Financial Forecasting and Business Planning Solution built on the Salesforce Platform

Quick. Accurate. Easy. 

Quick. Accurate. Easy. 


Forecast With Confidence

PlaceCPM is a corporate performance management solution that syncs with your accounting system and utilizes your existing Salesforce configuration, workflows and data to produce accurate financial forecasts, cash projections and so much more.

Accurate Forecasting

Predicting and Managing the Future Just Got Easier

Take the worry out of forecasting.  Ditch the time-consuming spreadsheets and inaccurate data. 

Cash Projections and P&L Forecasting

Forecast, model and budget while quickly assessing outputs like cash projections, forecast variance and more – all from a familiar viewpoint.

Accurate, Transaction-Based Financials

In sync with your accounting system, down to the transaction, providing exact cash balances and granular forecast control.

Quick Consolidations*

Consolidate reporting and forecasting for all business entities at multiple levels and supports 100+ currencies.


Visualized Performance

Measure What Matters

Utilizing the wealth of financial, operational and sales data now at your fingertips, PlaceCPM enables real-time reporting and in-depth visualization of the key business processes you value most.


Visual Insights On Demand

Manage crucial KPIs with drag-and-drop reports and customizable dashboards, or get started with pre-built options.

Scale with Intelligence

Grow with confidence as you gather insights from trends, variance analysis and learned patterns.

Streamlined Communication

Unified Teams Accomplish More

Break down the data silos that inhibit growth. Unify sales, operations, and finance teams with PlaceCPM.

Entity Alignment*

Align corporate objectives with operational plans and business processes.

Team Collaboration

Communication is enabled directly within the elements and workflows of PlaceCPM for quick, clear team collaboration.

Stakeholder Access*

Exclusive portal environments for investors and board members who require a secure avenue to catered reports and dashboards.


Need reliable forecasting for your business?

Let us show you how PlaceCPM saves time and increases accuracy.

Integrated Workflows

Enable Your Tools to be More Than the Sum of Their Parts

Break down data silos and leverage all of your sales, operational, and financial data in your current Salesforce environment.


Essential Integrations

Pre-built integrations with Xero and Quickbooks provide granular transaction-level details that are critical to producing accurate cash and financial forecasts.

Built on the Salesforce Platform

Utilize existing Salesforce workflows, configuration and data to maximize forecasting accuracy and insights. PlaceCPM is the only all-in-one corporate performance management solution natively built on the Salesforce Platform.

What is CPM?

CPM, or Corporate Performance Management, is software that provides companies the ability to measure their performance, monitor business activities and manage future plans.

An effective CPM, like PlaceCPM, aligns the business around key objectives, breaking down data and communication silos in favor of automated and intuitive workflows that provide companies the tools they need to accurately forecast and grow with confidence.

*Feature Coming Soon


Are you ready to grow with confidence?

PlaceCPM enables greater accuracy & collaboration, so you save time & make better decisions.