Use Case: Customer Subscriptions & Renewals

Fight churn and boost revenue retention

From the comfort of the Salesforce Platform, ensure every customer subscription is accurate, each renewal opportunity is built perfectly, and that your team can better support customers and drive more expansion revenue.

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Understand your revenue and shift net retention into overdrive

Creating, renewing, and expanding customer subscriptions can be frustrating when people, processes, and systems are out-of-sync. Use Place to manage your customer contract lifecycle – from onboarding, to downgrades, to expansion — right from within the Salesforce Platform.

Build and modify customer subscriptions with confidence

Generate subscription revenue data directly from opportunities in Salesforce. Whether the contract term lasts months or multiple years, use Place to create subscriptions that feed your accounting and finance teams with the details they need for invoicing and accurate metrics.

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Capture every renewal dollar

Mid-term contract changes can lead to inaccurate renewal opportunities and lost revenue. In Place with one click, teams are empowered to generate renewal opportunities that include accurate and current products, prices, dates, and payment terms.

Find product white space and capitalize on it

Clearly identify opportunities for expansion in each account. Know which products customers have bought, and which ones they’re eligible to buy but haven’t.

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All your bookings, billing, and revenue in one place.

Equip your go-to-market and finance teams with the connection they need.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Place unifies SaaS go-to-market and finance teams, systems, and processes to drive stronger cash flow and increase customer retention.