Don’t let complexity become the enemy of accuracy and compliance

The connections between accounting, finance, and revenue teams fail when systems don’t exist to accurately measure complex revenue. With Place, ensure all your revenue calculations are compliant automatically so you can rely upon every related forecast, journal entry, and metric.

Compliance minus the time commitment

SaaS revenue models are only getting more complex over time. With Place, easily set rules to automate revenue calculations and comply with the latest accounting standards.

Forecast revenue with precision

With more customers come more chances for forecasting errors. Use Place to ensure revenue numbers are calculated correctly, from forecast to journal entry.

Revenue metrics you can rely on

Deferred revenue schedules may be accounting’s domain, but the rest of the business relies on metrics using that data. With Place, gain more confidence in the accuracy of every revenue metric.

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All your bookings, billing, and revenue in one place.

Equip your go-to-market and finance teams with the connection they need.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Place unifies SaaS go-to-market and finance teams, systems, and processes to drive stronger cash flow and increase customer retention.