Everyone loves a stronger, more predictable cash position

Invoicing customers on time and getting them to pay without delay are the surest ways to build a stronger, more predictable cash flow. Installing Place into your Salesforce org creates a stronger connection between the teams who generate new business and the ones who handle the finances, so your cash position always stays strong.

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Ditch the spreadsheets and bill customers faster

Whether you send 10 invoices per month or a thousand, speed and accuracy are key to predictable collections. Leave behind the complex web of manual billing spreadsheets and platforms and send invoices faster from newly-won Salesforce opportunities.

Get paid faster

Growing a business requires keeping close control over how you invoice customers. With Place you can reject or revise invoices before approving and sending them to customers. And if they’re late to pay, automatic reminders are triggered to encourage timely payment and reduce days sales outstanding.

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Keep data in-sync with all your connected systems

Closing the loop between new business, cash, and the data that teams need to make good decisions requires connectivity. With integrations into the Salesforce Platform, ensure that Place invoices are synced with your accounting system or Stripe, and that data about customer payments flows into customer CRM accounts for visibility across the team.

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All your bookings, billing, and revenue in one place.

Equip your go-to-market and finance teams with the connection they need.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Place unifies SaaS go-to-market and finance teams, systems, and processes to drive stronger cash flow and increase customer retention.