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Align corporate forecasting with reality

The connected FP&A experience modern SaaS finance teams deserve. Run P&L and direct-method cash flow forecasts and scenarios, dig into live accounting actuals and variances, and plan for the future with confidence.

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Connected Data

Built directly on the Salesforce Platform, Place pulls data from across the company together into a single location. No more switching systems, hunting for exports, or compiling data by hand.

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Flexible and Powerful Metric Calculation

Control and adjust calculations for key SaaS metrics like NDR, MRR, CAC, and others. Not every company reports on metrics the same way. Place lets you dive into the most granular level of your data and report on KPI’s the way you prefer.

Effectively manage and allocate cash resources

Keep all of your teams aligned with accurate forecasts and cash flow projections that provide the foundation for confident decision making.

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Robust Financial Forecasts

Create robust financial forecasts with forward looking data from the sales pipeline, current data from the general ledger, along with quota and historical performance data to forecast longer term prospects.

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Accurate Cash Flow Projections

Produce direct method cash flow projections and better understand your cash flow. Allocate cash where it’s needed most to avoid crippling cash shortages and maximize ROI with every decision.

Make dynamic decisions based on likely futures

See around corners with powerful planning and scenario building tools. Give your team the clarity to make decisions that drive the growth of your business.

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Dynamic and Flexible Planning

Place forecasts are never out of date. We use actual data from your general ledger combined with Salesforce pipeline and quota to provide forecasts you can rely on.

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Scenario Analysis

Build and compare robust scenarios to create new plans. Understand the best, worst, and most likely outcomes in each scenario. See how decisions like hiring, vendor selection, or opening a remote office will affect future sales, costs, and profit.

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Built on Salesforce, Place combines sales and revenue insights with finance data from leading accounting systems to give everyone the context and flexibility to make the right decisions faster.