Staying up to date with the latest trends, tactics, and events in the SaaS world can be (another) full-time job. The same goes for upskilling.

Considering how quickly the industry evolves, the power of online communities can’t be underestimated. They provide a space for like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another in real-time. 

As a SaaS professional, being part of an online community can help you gain valuable insights, find inspiration, and even discover new job opportunities. 

In this blog, we'll explore our top 6 favorite online communities for SaaS professionals in no particular order. We’ll discuss what each membership offers, who should join, and what each community has to offer.

Let’s get started.

DEMAND Community

The DEMAND Community is a Slack-based online community for demand-gen marketers who are looking to drive revenue and grow their skills. 

Moderated by Katie Ray over at, DEMAND offers free templates, valuable information on creative experiences, ad knowledge (specifically Facebook & LinkedIn), meetups, healthy debates (such as ABM vs demand gen), tools, and resources. 

The DEMAND Community is focused on "marketers helping marketers" and provides a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, share their knowledge, and collaborate. 

While the community is currently in beta, it is invite-only, and their plan is to scale membership throughout the beta period to ensure it delivers the highest quality experience possible for its members.

Pavilion Executive Group

Sales, marketing, and other GTM SaaS executives looking to grow their skills and expand their network should look no further than Pavilion. 

Their 10,000+ members represent some of the fastest-growing SaaS organizations in the world and help contribute to community-powered learning opportunities. 

Each member has access to a vast library of resources structured with an immersive learning framework that combines traditional training methods with community-powered learning. Pavilion offers cohort groups, exclusive events, legal resources, compensation benchmarking reports, and career development programs. 

Members also have access to resources and support for career advancement and job transitions, including legal resources and compensation benchmarking reports. 

There are a few Place team members within the community, so if you’re interested in joining you might run across us there.

RevOps CoOp

For our RevOps friends, the RevOps CoOp community is the perfect place for you. 

With a private Slack group of over 8,000 members from companies in over 30 countries, RevOps Co-op provides the advice and networking you need to become a successful revenue operations leader. 

They’ve got tons of exclusive content generated by the community including courses, roundtables, and more. You can even get your LinkedIn profile and resume reviewed or get matched with a new job!

RevOps CoOp provides a plethora of learning and networking opportunities to interact with other operations professionals next door or on the other side of the globe.


Another great community for RevOps leaders, OperatorsGuild (OG) is a community that was initially founded by a small group of operations professionals in San Francisco, with the aim of sharing ideas, best practices, and war stories. 

Now, even with 700 members from all over the world, their mission remains the same: to cultivate a community of highly engaged operations professionals who help each other navigate the complex and nuanced issues that come with scaling a company. 

Their network also includes recruiters specializing in placing Operations talent. They offer mentorship programs that match members with senior-level Ops executives to help assist with career development. 

The community hosts online and in-person events for learning and networking opportunities and features representatives from some of the most respected companies in the world.

PEAK Community

This invite-only community of marketers provides a slew of benefits. From exclusive events, and interviews with world-renowned guests to personal branding opportunities and a safe space for conversations about all things marketing. 

Members are only marketers so you don't have to worry about vendors or salespeople trying to sell to you. Plus, with support from peers and access to real-time advice, you'll be able to grow your skills toward becoming a successful CMO. 

If you’re interested in joining Peak Community, just reach out to an existing member or search for "Peak Community" on LinkedIn and connect with a member to request an invite. 


The RevGenius Slack community offers inclusive content and programming for all GTM professionals working at scaling themselves and their SaaS organizations. 

With over 35,000 members, their community has a ton of resources in its hub in addition to the power of the community itself. RevGenius hosts an exclusive job board as well as digital and in-person events. If you join, check out their Mag section which helps support, educate, and inspire revenue professionals to achieve their goals.

While the revenue community is free, they also offer a paid SDR/AE community to level up various skills to help you hit  revenue goals.


Book learning only gets you so far in the SaaS world. 

Things change so quickly that sometimes you need to learn directly at the feet of those who have been there before. 

At Place, we’re big advocates for chatting with others in the SaaS community in order to stay up-to-day and learn from others experiences. 

From marketing to executive leadership, these communities offer a wealth of resources and connections. 

It doesn’t matter whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out in the SaaS industry, networking within communities is invaluable to your career growth. 

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