Place, the customer subscription, billing, and finance solution for B2B SaaS companies, announces the launch of its expanded product suite designed to simplify the Sales-to-Cash workflow for organizations of all sizes. The advanced suite empowers businesses to efficiently manage and automate their bookings, billings, and revenue processes in a unified platform as a single source of truth for crucial SaaS financial data.

"Our team has been dedicated to developing a solution that effectively addresses the complexity of the Sales-to-Cash workflow and we are excited to unveil a suite of products that streamline these processes," said Brandon Metcalf, CEO & Founder of Place. "Built on the Salesforce Platform, the power and versatility of our solution is unparalleled in the industry and we are confident that it will greatly contribute to the success of B2B SaaS companies."

Place’s expanded product modules include:

  • Subscription Management: Enables sales, customer success, and revenue teams to effortlessly create and renew complex customer subscriptions, while seamlessly passing crucial contract and revenue information to finance teams.
  • Revenue & Billing: Simplifies complex revenue recognition processes and automates customer billing and collections.
  • Forecasting: Provides finance and executive teams an in-depth look into Profit and Loss and cash forecasting with variance analysis, allowing them to have greater control over the company's financial future.
  • Metrics & Analytics: An extensive collection of hundreds of pre-built SaaS reports, metrics, and dashboards.

This announcement also accompanies a brand refresh and a redesigned website aimed at better supporting visitors on their own self-led journeys to learn how gaining these advanced capabilities benefits them based on their role or business use case.

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Built on the Salesforce Platform, Place unifies SaaS go-to-market and finance teams, systems, and processes to drive stronger cash flow and increase customer retention.