New Features Provide Much-Needed Flexibility, Automation, and Data Connectivity

Place, maker of the agile finance platform built for the entire company, today announces the release of new features aimed at helping early-stage SaaS companies erase the barriers and complexity between revenue, finance, and customers. 

With these new features, Place enables customers to automate their bookings, near-term and long-term sales pipelines, subscription management, billing, and revenue recognition. These additions to the Place platform are designed with the flexibility early-stage software businesses need to keep up with their constantly evolving sales, operational, and financial processes.

"Revenue is one of the most variable elements of an early-stage SaaS company. Revenue management is complex and vital that it is managed and reported properly. It is also critical that revenue processes can be evolved as easily as sales processes," says Alex Siegler, General Manager of the Revenue product line at Place. "We’ve designed Place specifically to handle that level of flexibility, along with the complexity of recurring and non-recurring revenue streams. When you combine this with our robust and agile forecasting solution, you have a solution that supports the business throughout its growth." 

In this first-of-its-kind offering, Place natively combines revenue management with financial forecasting and planning. The complete solution joins together the flexibility and automation of these new revenue management features with the financial forecasting, cash management, workforce planning, and scenario modeling that businesses require to stay competitive and be more agile in their decision-making.

“The finance needs of a SaaS company change as the company evolves. The priorities of a Seed stage company are very different from those of a Series A stage, and a Series A is different from a Series B,” says Brandon Metcalf, Place CEO & Founder. “We are focused on providing an agile financial platform that gives our customers the complete set of features that can be modified as they grow.”

Brandon was so excited about this announcement that he decided to record a quick video to walk through some ways we're already using these features at Place. Check it out! 

Want to see more? You're in luck.

Brandon will be hosting the next installment of Place's Group Demo Series on Tuesday, December 14th. Join us to learn how he uses these new features to make key decisions here at Place.

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