With PlaceCPM, companies can gain a 360° view of their business by combining sales, marketing and operational data with real-time accounting and finance data.


Place Technology, makers of PlaceCPM, a financial forecasting and business planning software built on the Salesforce Platform, today announced its Fall ‘20 major release. Fall ‘20 includes many new features to reduce time and improve accuracy for producing consolidated financials, managing multiple currencies, and leveraging the Salesforce Sales Cloud to reduce administrative work and improve financial forecasting accuracy.

PlaceCPM has pre-built integrations with accounting software that enables businesses to connect multiple entities and simplify the consolidations process for both actuals and forecasted financials. It brings together all of the accounting and financial data to enable companies to perform eliminations, view single entities or consolidated financials in local or corporate currencies, and produce accurate cash flow projections in an easy-to-use application.

“We personally know the challenges and time constraints of producing accurate financials and cash projections. We also deeply understand the complexity of multiple entities and currency conversions,” said Brandon Metcalf, founder and chief executive officer of Place Technology.    “With PlaceCPM, organizations can now break down data silos, improve business processes and make better business decisions with accurate financials on demand.”

PlaceCPM’s solution on Salesforce AppExchange provides deeper integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud, enabling customers to complete bookings workflow with greater efficiency, reducing manual work, while financial and cash forecasts improve the accuracy of short and long-term financial projections automatically.

“PlaceCPM is the total package and allows C-suite executives to see a 360-degree view of their KPIs to make key informed decisions. It helps with cost/benefit analysis, cash projections, collaborative forecasting, and more. You can also build dashboards and reports for snapshots at a glance to communicate with your executive team!” says Mike Hoal with RoyCon Technologies, a PlaceCPM customer.

Finally, Place Technology today also announces the completion of an additional $1 million funding round led by Geekdom Fund and other existing investors, with the addition of Gaingels, a global LGBTQ venture syndicate, as another institutional investor whose mission is focused on increasing diversity and equity within the venture ecosystem.

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About Place Technology

Place Technology is a venture-backed software company building innovative applications on the Salesforce Platform that focus on simplifying business operations.

Their flagship product, PlaceCPM, is a financial forecasting, business planning, and operating software that helps businesses address the multitude of hurdles they face when balancing growth and profitability with limitations of time, cash flow, and resources.

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