Revenue and Billing

Go Beyond Order to Cash

Automate the entire cascade from order to cash. Save time managing subscriptions and renewals. Recognize revenue accurately and effortlessly to build reports and forecasts that help your team make better decisions.

Automate Billing and Collections

Accelerate order to cash. Automate invoices, approvals, and collections

Remove friction between sales and finance teams. Trigger invoice creation as deals close, streamline approvals, and automate collections & dunning.

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Streamline Invoicing and Approvals

Save time and eliminate mistakes. Trigger invoicing and invoice approval workflows at the close of a deal.

Seamless Payments and AR Notifications

Place accelerates your order to cash cycle with automated collections and dunning notifications through our Quickbooks, Xero, NetSuite, and Stripe integrations.

Subscription Management

Centralized subscription management in your CRM

Manage new sales, renewals, add-on sales, co-terminus contracts, and churn directly on the Salesforce Platform.

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Streamline and consolidate subscriptions

Built on the Salesforce Platform as a natural extension of the revenue teams workflows, Place automates the renewal and subscription process, while providing visibility into the entire business.

Gain visibility into bookings, billing, and revenue

Gain confidence in your revenue processes as the business grows, without having to worry about your system keeping-up. Streamline forecasts with data from your current bookings, billing and revenue retention reports to better inform stakeholders.

Accurate Revenue Recognition

Fast track the revenue recognition process

Reduce the time you spend making revenue recognition calculations, while ensuring compliance.

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Automate Calculations and Workflows

Spend less time closing the books by automating manual tasks like calculating revenue recognition, deferred revenue, even partial month pro-rating. Customize your own set of rules for financial reporting tailored to your preferences.

Ensure Compliance

Maintain compliance with less effort. Automatically calculate and record revenue using standards like GAAP and ASC 606 for both simple and complex revenue recognition scenarios.

Pipeline and Quota Visibility

Align your team on the entire revenue forecast

See a complete forecast based on the deals you’ve won, current pipeline, quotas, and sales targets.

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Forecast Near-Term Revenue

Create accurate financial forecasts with forward looking data from the Salesforce pipeline, backed by current data from the general ledger. Create detailed predictions that help your team understand your trajectory.

Forecast Long-Term Revenue

Look further ahead with forecasts built on quota and historical performance data. Understand how big decisions like hiring a new sales director will affect long term prospects and growth.

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Learn How Place Can Help You Get the Financial Clarity You Need to Grow

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