Subscription Management

Centralized subscription management in your CRM

Handle new SaaS subscriptions, add-ons, and reductions, automate coterminous contracts, and measure committed revenue and churn -- right on the Salesforce Platform.

Streamline subscription operations

Track New Subscriptions and Adjustments

Automatically generate new subscriptions and track add-ons and reductions directly from the sales opportunities your team already handles in the CRM.

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Simplify subscription renewals

Intelligent Renewals Management

With a single click, generate a renewal opportunity that consolidates earlier contract adjustments to include accurate products, prices, dates, and payment terms.

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Get visibility into what matters

Subscription Metrics, Tracking, and Reporting

Quickly build reports, calculated metrics, and dashboards to visualize, monitor, and share customer subscription revenue metrics like ARR growth, NDR, Churn, and more.

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