PlaceCPM is an agile finance platform built for technology companies

Achieve the flexibility and speed you need for creating dynamic financial forecasts to run a thriving technology business.

Forecast and report faster with an easy-to-use solution that touches every financial detail of the business and provides transaction-level granularity for unprecedented depth of accuracy.

PlaceCPM incorporates a 360° view of your business in real-time. 

Work smarter and faster with connected finance, accounting, sales, workforce planning, and operations.


Cash Projections

Cash management is critical for every technology company. Eliminate the guesswork with weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly views. Easily alter cash movement based on variance analysis, while ensuring alignment with your general ledger.

P&L Forecasts

Dynamically produce P&L forecasts that take into account every financial detail and complexity. Quickly track variances and easily make updates to improve accuracy.   

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License Revenue Recognition

License revenue recognition can be the heartbeat of a tech company. PlaceCPM's revenue features are built to handle the complexity of managing and forecasting new licenses, add-ons, reductions, renewals and churn.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

PlaceCPM lives within Salesforce, empowering you with real-time visibility and accurate sales pipeline data. You control how this influences your forecast and save time by enabling deals to be booked automatically as they are won.

Quota & Commission Management

Increase the effectiveness and accuracy of your revenue and wage forecasts with flexible schedules and plans for both sales quotas and commissions plans.


Multiple Entities

Easily connect any number of your business entities and streamline the consolidation process. Leverage intelligent workflows to automate eliminations.

Foreign Currency Translations

Define your corporate currency and let our advanced multi-currency features translate over 100 currencies with dated exchange rates.

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Expense Management

Subscription Management

Keeping track of subscriptions the company is using is a near-impossible task. Optimize licenses, manage renewals proactively, track true cost and prevent wasted spend.

Recurring & Non-Recurring Expenses

Produce transaction-level forecasts in minutes, instead of days or hours, for both recurring and non-recurring expenses.


Track forecasted expenses accurately by associating them systematically at the organization, location, department, role and employee level.

Workforce Management

Headcount Planning

Never guess about your headcount plan again. Managers, HR, finance and operations can now all be on the same page with hiring that aligns with your forecasts.


Streamline and organize compensation plans with a variety of pay structures and frequencies, incorporating variable tax rates and costs.

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Reports & Dashboards

Dashboard and Reports

Use pre-built reports and dashboards specific to technology companies that include ARR, MRR, Churn, Rule of 40, Revenue Growth, Sales Efficiency, SaaS Magic Number, Cash Burn, and more.

Flexible and Customizable

The drag-and-drop report and dashboard creator lets you easily combine forecast, accounting, sales, marketing and operational data.


Bring the finance team directly into the conversation by connecting and engaging employees across the company. Collaborate on accounting and finance transactions, in addition to sales pipeline, marketing, projects, customer support and operations.

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Accounting Integrations

Confidently rely on pre-built integrations with the leading accounting software solutions used by technology companies, enabling quick setup and data on-demand.

Natively Built on the Salesforce Platform

Break down the silos between finance and the rest of the business. PlaceCPM empowers finance teams with direct access to sales and operational data to truly unlock the success of your forecasts.

"PlaceCPM has been an immediate value-add for our rapidly growing SaaS business."

Wesley Thomas, CPA - Controller at Nylas