Role: New Business & Renewals

Supercharge revenue and accelerate your growth engine

Handling new customer subscriptions, expansion, and renewals can be a nightmare without the right systems. With Place, focus less on systems and more on growth.

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Don’t let systems slow-down your revenue production

Creating new customer subscriptions, making contract changes, identifying customers positioned for valuable renewals and expansion, and getting paid should be easy to handle in a system your team already knows. Place makes this a breeze right from within the Salesforce Platform.

Sales, account management, customer success, renewals, and expansion teams use Place for:

Managing Customer Subscriptions & Renewals

Ensure every customer renewal opportunity is built perfectly, and quickly identify renewal and expansion opportunities while empowering your finance team with the data they need.

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Invoicing Customers

Speed-up cash collections with a seamless order-to-cash process that automatically pulls the right data from closed-won Salesforce opportunities and drafts one-time, recurring, and usage-based invoices.

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Exploring SaaS Business Analytics

Gain instant insights into your company’s sales and financial performance with hundreds of on-demand critical business metrics, reports, and dashboards for the entire company.

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Eliminate product white space and maximize revenue

Increase the value of each renewal opportunity and identify areas where your customers may benefit even more from expanding into new products and features.

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Close the gaps between people, processes, and performance

Create a seamless handoff between your new business and renewals teams and your finance and accounting teams to drive accurate billing, financial reporting, and forecasting.

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Align everyone on accurate metrics without friction

Easily measure and share sales performance KPIs and customer revenue and billing metrics, including the ones from new subscriptions, license add-ons, downgrades, renewals, and churn.

Revenue teams achieve more with Place

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