Subscription Management

Manage your customer contract life cycle right within Salesforce

Ensure every customer subscription is accurate and renewal opportunities are built flawlessly so your team can better support customers and drive more expansion revenue.

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Streamline subscription management

Reduce time wasted piecing together renewal opportunities. Create new subscriptions and monitor add-ons or reductions right from the opportunity in Salesforce with a single click.

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One-click renewal creation

You determine where, when and how renewals are generated by Place. When it comes time to create the opportunity, pull all the accurate products, prices, dates, and payment terms into the new record with a single click.

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Flexible subscription reports, metrics, and dashboards

Go beyond manually tracking growth and churn via spreadsheets and multiple systems to CRM-integrated subscription analytics reporting for ARR growth, NDR, Churn, and more.

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Built on Salesforce, Place combines sales and revenue insights with finance data from leading accounting systems to give everyone the context and flexibility to make the right decisions faster.