The Case for FP&A in Salesforce with RoyCon and Blueprint Advisory

The Case for FP&A in Salesforce with RoyCon and Blueprint Advisory

By Danielle South September 8, 2020 at 11:03 am

Budgets, Forecasts, and Financial Reports are only as current and accurate as their data sources.

In this webinar with the Austin Tech Council , we’ll discuss why Salesforce is the ideal environment to manage your business, and how connecting finance with PlaceCPM is a game-changer.

The panel conversation will feature Greg Symons, the President of Blueprint Advisory, a Salesforce Product Development Outsourcing firm, and Cole Conroy, the CEO at RoyCon.

Can you afford to make decisions on out-of-date, inaccurate financials? Of course not.

Yet most companies operate time-consuming FP&A workflows that require manually merging finance, sales, and operational data in a separate system.

Salesforce + FP&A in PlaceCPM = Accurate Financials Anywhere

✔️ Impressively accurate forecasts, utilizing your most recent Salesforce and accounting data

✔️ Incredibly fast accounting workflows (consolidations, variance analysis, month-end close, etc)

✔️ The confidence to make decisions, big and small, with a true 360° view of your business

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