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By Brandon Metcalf   /   03/10/2020

Breakups, in general, are hard.

But breakups in business happen all the time. Sometimes you need to let an employee go...

By Luke Zimbelman   /   02/19/2020

Since the launch of Place Technology, almost two years ago, a key...

By Luke Zimbelman   /   01/15/2020

There is a common misconception in the world of entrepreneurship that businesses fail because they simply aren’t generating enough cash.

By Brandon Metcalf   /   12/19/2019

Your venture isn’t your job. Your venture is your life. There is no separation.

These are the growing pains you can expect to encounter along the way—and how you should think about approaching them.

By Brandon Metcalf   /   12/05/2019

I’m no stranger to raising money. As a founder, I have gone through all sorts of fundraising experiences. In 2011, I started a company called Talent Rover, which raised roughly $28 million over the course of seven years almost exclusively from angel investors. 

By Brandon Metcalf   /   11/12/2019

Startups are constantly growing and changing. Proper forecasting lets you move forward confidently and make more informed decisions. Creating financial models and making projections puts you in touch with the actual status of your business. It helps you foresee potential problems, make better decisions, and measure the impact of those decisions. 

By Luke Zimbelman   /   03/06/2020

Uncertainty around financial projections can come in many forms – changes in vendors, market conditions, and new competitors...

By Brandon Metcalf   /   01/22/2020

Every founder wants to feel in complete control of their company. 

And yet, many founders ignore arguably the most important variable in their entire venture...

By Brandon Metcalf   /   01/08/2020

PlaceCPM allows managers to accurately forecast and determine the true costs of their decisions.

By Brandon Metcalf   /   12/13/2019

Most people think startups and small businesses fail because of things like poor marketing, or not being able to properly establish product-market fit.

By Luke Zimbelman   /   11/12/2019

The Salesforce powered application is an all-in-one corporate performance management solution for small and medium businesses...

By Luke Zimbelman   /   10/08/2019

Place Technology, makers of the Salesforce powered corporate performance management solution, PlaceCPM, today announced that the company has raised $3 million in funding to fuel its growth and initial product launch.